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2016.11.10. • RENDEZVÉNYEK

Tasting event at Marton day at the Harsfa restaurant

We had to repeat the wild-tasting event in October, so it was re-organized in a new “robe”. The geese got into focus this time.

We had to repeat the wild-tasting event from October, so it was re-organized in a new “robe”. The geese got into focus this time.

The October Candlewood Wild Day Tasting was such a success that in the last few days before the event we could not provide a free table for those interested people. Though more than 60 people arrived, we decided to maximize the number of participants in the next tasting in 40 people only to get more comfortable, more and more conversational about food and everyday life. 

We did not want to wait a long time, as the goose season is already there. This provided us the opportunity to surprise Mosonmagyaróvár’s gourmets with a special goose dinner in November. 

So, each of us poured a glass of delicate rosé for ourselves – just for the sake of tuning – and we’ve come up with better ideas. 

Finally, we managed to create a truly delicious, exclusive menu for the Márton-day tasting: 

Pumpkin cream soup with goose liver paste 

Goose thighs and rosé roasted goose breasts with dried plum red cabbage puree and homemade dödölé.

As an accompaniment, we offered a glass of divine rose from 2016.

Within a few days, the tickets were gone. 

Our calculations were right: after a few days of announcing the event, we sold out all the tickets in advance, and we had to refuse those who did not hit the offer immediately before the event.

We were feverishly preparing for the goose tasting event. We spiced, baked, scrambled, tasted and tested, so by the time it came to November 3, everything was perfectly ready to receive the guests. 

The pot steamed with the flavory pumpkin soup, with the delicious goose-liver arranged in exquisite order. The restaurant had a delicious red wine-cabbage scent, the pan was full of the freshly made dödölle, and the main character of the evening in the middle of the counter: the crunchy goose was waiting for the plates to get on. 

We were looking forward to the first reactions. The accelerating knocking of the cutlery, the deep silence and the satisfied smiles then told more than anything: the dinner was very delicious. 

The evening was perfect, huge laughs, cheerful cocktails and urgently rotating waiters everywhere. 

I was comfortable and happy to go back to make a taste of the work …. But I did not get a bite at all. But no, it’s nothing wrong … then at the next tasting. 

Because it will come the next Hársfa Tasting! 

Watch our Facebook page, be the first to hear about the event and be among the lucky ones who will have their table! 

See you soon!

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