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2017.01.02. • HÍREK

The new website of the Hársfa Restaurant has started.

We have long been planning to renew the restaurant’s website, and we have worked hard on it. Now the time has come for us to show it to you proudly. Read on and find out what has changed.

We have been planning for a long time to renew the restaurant’s website, and we have worked hard on it. Now the time has come for us to show you proudly. Read on and find out what has changed.

If you have been a guest of the Hársfa Restaurant for a long time, you have experienced the friendly and familiar atmosphere of the restaurant. (If you have not been to us yet, try it now, you will not be disappointed!)

Well, we would have liked it when it is seen also on the website, so we dreamed of a new, modern, web of Hársfa. Full information, interesting and useful features. Stay with me, I will show you the opportunities!

The menu

I should be under no illusions, I know that you are mostly interested in our food and drinks, so you can now browse in our more transparent and absolutely detailed menus and drinks that are also easier to use. So, you can even choose from your home what you will order at the restaurant.

Check out the menu here »

In fact, if you prefer to take away your pick, you can find out what is on the menu, and then you can easily order it by phone and you can come get it!

Our phone number is unchanged here »

Book a table in a few moments, online

If you already have a taste, book it online right away. On this cool, new website, you can do this by entering some of the details just in a few moments. We will try to confirm your booking as soon as possible and we look forward to welcoming you!

Try and book a table right now »

Our offers for groups

More and more groups and larger families are coming to us, we have created a new opportunity for them to make their reservations easier and faster. In fact, we have also created 3 discount packages, so you can take care of your meals just in minutes.

Click here to see the discount packages »

Catering service

At any time, you may want to do a reception, a large family event, not at the restaurant, but at an outdoor venue. Think of us at this time, too because you get the best service from us. With delicious and tasty hot dishes, varied drinks and full service we help all to succeed.

We have also developed 3 discount packages for our catering service, but of course we make personalized offers for your individual requests.

Find out more about our catering service here »

News and current updates

If you follow our Facebook page, you are the first to know about news, events and promotions, but now we also report on all the important things on the webpage, in the News menu.

Look at what has happened to us in the recent months »

Get to know us!

It is not an accident that people think of the Hársfa Restaurant as Mosonmagyaróvár’s best restaurant, the fresh, quality ingredients, a carefully crafted menu, the fast, accurate and professional service, and delicious delicacies made with love provide a long-lasting gastronomic experience.

You can find out about the history of the Hársfa Restaurant on our menu item “About us”. You can find out all about our food, get a glimpse behind the scenes and enter into the history of the house’s specialty.

Come and meet us »

Contact us!

Do you have a question or comment about our restaurant or meals? Or are you looking for the shortest path leading to us? You can find all of our contact details and the exact address under Contact.

Let’s meet as soon as possible! We look forward to welcoming you!

Richárd Bognár