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2016.10.10. • Rendezvények

Novelty in Hársfa

I wanted something new, really exclusive, special and majestic, so the idea of a traditional wild-day tasting was born. Read the full story!

I wanted a little new, something really exclusive, special and majestic, so the idea of a traditional wild-day tasting was born. Read the full story!

I was just planning my usual wild-day offer with my wife, and we looked back on the popular meals of previous years, so that we could better discuss with the chef the next day. It was very late and of course the wine was very delicious. And then it happened: 

As opposed to the ingredients of our usual offerings, I came to more and more unusual ingredients: chocolate, Tonka beans, Jerusalem artichokes, polenta, southern fruits and coffee. The more savage ideas could not leave me to sleep, the next morning I ran to the restaurant, so I can discuss my ideas with the chef. 

X agreed with my game. 

We were creating more and more amazing dishes, and the joy of the work became more and more appealing to us, and soon we came up with an amazingly delicious menu of the planet with artichoke puree, roasted chanterelle and pumpkin purée, deer file in red wine sauce and a good variety of Egri bullarms. For dessert, we dreamed of a pancake filled with chestnut and rum, with Tonka beany chocolates sauce on top. 

We looked at the end results with satisfaction, and even the same day we took the time to try the dishes. "How much," "Hmmm," "Divine," "Inimitable," "I Would Eat This Every Day," and we got some compliments like this from the others. And although we knew that the menu could not be released in this version, we did not want to let the idea go. We wanted everybody to taste it. 

"Take a tasting of it," my wife said as she took her coat. 

We got the idea straight away: set the date, we created an event on Facebook, and waited. More and more people reported that they would come to taste and the phone often rang. 

Then October 6 arrived, and the people came and came and came. More than 60 people participated in the first Candlewood Wild Day Tasting, and none of them left hungry or dissatisfied. 

It was a terrific night, fabulous flavors swirled in the air, tremendous wine was drank. 

I decided there that's going to be continued, and it was ... 

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